A Gross Recipe gets Salty

Bill Gross is not the always affable, mild-mannered, yoga practitioner we have been led to believe he is. He is demanding of his staff, prone to hyper-criticism and a bit of a tyrant. Who would have expected that the King of Bonds was driven by a big ego and a tinge of nastiness?

End to the Reign of Style Boxes?

From a rigid framework driven by investor demands for strict style adherence, asset managers are enjoying expanding freedoms in managing investment strategies. After a twenty-five year period of intermediaries constricting active managers’ discretion and forcing narrower and narrower parameters in the name of style purity, the grip of style-box logic is slowly loosening.

Where is the talent headed?

The word talent, like the word love, is used with far too much frequency. There really are very few talented people in the world – in the investment world, I am convinced that they are even rarer.