Periodic Tables of Fund Flows and Assets

The winners and losers of the active/passive debate in investment management are playing out in the flow numbers.  The single most important takeaway from the 24 pages of the Periodic Tables of Fund Flows and Assets is precisely which  active strategies are continuing to see success in gaining new AuM (Alternatives and Allocation) and, conversely, where they are suffering (Equity and Fixed Income). These charts show a combined ‘Worldwide’ overview along with a US only and a Europe Only series.

Exceptionally good managers will continue to attract flows into specialized equity and fixed income strategies. Average managers do not stand a chance – they are fodder for cheap passive ‘access’ product (passive funds & ETFs).

Propinquity research continues to focus on the importance and uses of ‘Degrees of Investment Freedom’ and figuring out the multi-asset end game. We will continue to share ideas.

Worldwide Periodic Tables Q2 2016?


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