On the Threshold

Providing clients with strategic insight into the complex nature of engagement between due diligence analysts and asset managers has been a core focus of Propinquity since I founded the firm in 2009.

Over the past several months, our passion to make this engagement even more impactful and efficient has evolved into an exciting opportunity for me, our firm and our clients.

Introducing DOOR - the digital portal for the exchange of an industry standard due diligence questionnaires built on best practice.

DOOR reduces the time, expense and cumbersome process of requesting, gathering and issuing basic due diligence information.

It provides professional investors more time for analysis and to look into new ideas.  DOOR gives more time to asset managers to focus on increasing the quality of their relationships with clients.

Over the last seven years, Propinquity has proudly developed many successful ideas and strategies for our clients to better engage with one another.  Building on that experience and knowledge, I invite you to explore with me this simple solution to a common problem in due diligence.   www.doorfunds.com


Roland Meerdter

Founder – Propinquity
Co-Founder – DOOR